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More than 250 million of peoples around the world uses Bangla language. So obviously perfect digital Bangla writing is a daily necessity. Unfortunately, there are several issues that many people face while writing Bangla Converter. But with our converter website. One can emit all his/her issues regarding Bangla typing. It is online software that is free and provides necessary converting and typing tools that are greatly useful for Bangla blogs, articles, news articles, magazines, posters, digital signboards, and much more.

It lets you Bangla convert Bijoy writings to Unicode and also able to convert Unicode Bangla text in Bijoy or ANSI format. Along with that, this convenient website allows you to write Bangla online. Easy and hassle-free Bangla writing and conversation in the most satisfying way!

Have a glance at our services.

Bijoy to Unicode Bangla Converter

Our super intelligent online converter lets you easily convert any Bijoy or ANSI-based Bangla writings into the Unicode form. Accurate, fast, and free conversion gives you the best experience with our website. If you are a journalist, article writer, blog writer, or person who uses Bangla writing daily, our website could be a faithful and satisfactory assistant for you. Type Bangla with your favorite Bijoy tool or keyboard and convert it into the Universal “Unicode” format and let it be supported everywhere.

What to Do for Bijoy Converting?

Follow these steps to convert Bijoy to Unicode through this website

bijoy to unicode

Step 1: First, select the Bijoy or ANSI font content that you want to convert. Copy it.

Step 2. Visit our website and go to the “Bijoy to Unicode Converter” section.

Step 3. Now paste your writing in the “Bijoy” box and click “Convert”.

NB: you can also write in the box directly using the Bijoy keyboard.

Step 4. You will see the converted text in the other box.

Step 5. Copy the converted text and use as necessary or save it in local storage for later use.

Unicode to Bijoy Bangla Converter

Another service you can get from the website is converting Unicode Bangla writing into Bijoy Bangla font format. Like the first one, it is also fast, free, and converts your content accurately. It converts the current-standard universal Bangla form, Unicode to the old-style ANSI code-based Bijoy form. It is much more useful for Bangla newspaper publishers and printing shops because Bijoy Bangla has better-looking fonts. With this converter, you can copy any details from websites that are in Unicode Bangla font and convert it to Bijoy.  Like the previous one, this conversion is also painless.

What to Do for Unicode Converting

Follow these simple steps to convert Unicode to Bijoy with our website.

unicode to bijoy

Step 1: First, select the content that you want to convert from the website or local storage and copy it.

Step 2: Now go to the “Unicode to Bijoy Converter” section of the website.

Step 3: Simply paste your writings in the “Unicode” box and click “Convert”.

Step 4: The converted content will appear in the second box.

Step 5: Copy the converted text for using or saving it in local storage.

Other Services of the Website Bangla Converter 

Besides our two core services, there are two more services regarding Bangla typing on our website.

Online Avro Keyboard

Avro Keyboard is one of the best Bangla keyboards since its birth. Its user-friendly writing format and additional features made it acceptable to all classes of Bangla writers. With our website, you don’t have to install Avro software on your device and you can still use your Avro keyboard online. Visit our website from any device and write Bangla directly. Copy all your writing from our website and paste it wherever you need.

Phonetic Keyboard

Phonetic keyboard is great for users who are not used to Bangla Converter writing with keyboards. It’s very easy and relatable Bangla formation makes writing Bangla straightforward. Like Avro, you also don’t have to install or download anything to effortlessly write Bangla. Get an easy, simple, and struggle-free Bangla writing experience with it!

Social Sharing Options and Usability

Our website can go even more further by allowing you to directly browse and share your writings in a vast number of news portals and blogging sites like Prothomalo, Kalerkantho,, and more.

Not only that, but you can also directly browse or share your writing on your socials media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Why Use Our Website

There are several benefits that you are getting from our website besides our services.

Enjoy Bangla Writing and Converting Anywhere

With our website, you don’t have to think about sticking in one device to type Bangla or use big software to convert the character coding of fonts. You have access to our website from any device, any place.

Straight Forward and User Friendly

We deeply believe in user satisfaction. While using our website, you will find everything handy. Besides, there is no complex process for you to convert your writing. You even don’t have to download any single document.

Fast and Light

This website is lighter than any other existing similar-type website. For that, you can have very fast surfing through our web pages and faster conversions. For being a lighter website, you can use our website with minimum internet data.

We Keep It Private

Not your conversions nor your typings are stored or copied through our website. Meaning you are safe to convert or write any sensitive Bangla document tension freely.

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